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"Thank you Ssh-oes for Ssh-oes! I’ve always hated the noise my heels made and would walk on my tip toes to avoid making noise but now you saved me!" –Lisa, Cleveland, Ohio

"My boyfriend loves ssh-oes. He thinks I walk better in these heels and loves that! He bought me two pairs for my birthday:)"- Kerri, Denver, Colorado

"Ssh-oes is great! You don’t realize how much better you feel in ssh-oes until you try them. I loved walking down the street without the click click of my heels which always gets the kind of attention I don’t want! Ssh-oes fixes that!"- Marsha, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"So many types of floors are annoying to walk with in heels because of the chatter they make from the heels! When I heard about ssh-oes I at first didn’t know what to expect, but after wearing them I can want to expect my next order- simply amazing and so innovative!"- Kim, Palo Alto, California

"I cannot express how much ssh-oes is needed by my working girls all across the country! I hate wearing heels because they sound so clunky- but ssh-oes is quiet..period! Not only that they are so comfortable and cute- I feel like I’m walking on dream clouds now! Definitely worth the purchase!"- Amy, Chicago, Illinois

"I love sshoes! They are the most comfortable brand in the world!! I have three pairs that I rotate throughout the week and I haven’t gotten any blisters yet!"- Rachel, New York, New York

"Ssh-oes are brilliant. I love your lining, it’s so comfortable and form fitting. I wish all shoes were made with it."- Jessica, Tampa, Florida

"Omg, thank you! I hate the clicks heels make when you walk, thank you for fixing this issue!"- Brittany, Houston, Texas

"Ssh-shoes has amazing customer service and the most comfortable and quiet boots I have ever worn. I'm very impressed with the quality of both shoes. I love the Darma boots because you can change the style of the boot by just unzipping each layer (they can be booties, mid-length boots, or full sized). I love these boots as much as I love the Rider boots (which I wear everywhere). The Rider boots are stylish, quiet, waterproof, comfortable, and very practical for every day wear. I have already received several compliments on both boots. " - Danielle, Woodbury, MN



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