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Our Story

Ssh-oes founder, Mary Arnett, moved to New York City from the suburbs. Wobbling to her apartment in her uncomfortable heels from the subway, she was always very self- conscious about all the noise her heels made. She thought someone could follow her home just by hearing her clickety-clack steps. Plus, she was constantly waking up her neighbors upon her arrival. Then it dawned upon her, why don’t you make quiet AND comfortable heels?

Mary has a biochemistry masters and bachelors degree and was working in research and development for a pharmaceutical company at the time but decided to retool herself into a Ssh-oes designer. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and interned at Liz Clairborne Inc, Coach Footwear, and Harper’s Bazaar. After years of trial and error, she finally found the right combination of traditional shoe making with built in sound reduction technology and comfortable features to create Ssh-oes. She patented the revolutionary Noise Reducing Heel Tip that reduces the noise when you walk, prevents against wear and tear, and acts as a shock absorber. She was also determined to make Ssh-oes the most comfortable heels ever by using ample padding and a special “blister-free” Lycra and leather lining.

Ssh-oes’ mission is to provide women with comfortable and quiet heels so they can look and feel great about themselves while reaching their full potential. We hope you will be seen for your presence and not heard by your clicking.

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