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While there have been many advances in technology to make our lives more comfortable, heels were still painful and noisy. Plus, heels haven’t changed much since the stiletto was first invented in the 1950s. We thought it was time for a revolution---- a quiet revolution.

Ssh-oes are a new kind of footwear for women. Mary Arnett and her team re-thought the entire heel from heel tip to upper to re-create for the modern day woman. Ssh-oes are made by women for women. We wanted to make the perfect heels for you--- heels that are stylish, comfortable, and that also sound graceful when you walk in them. We want you to feel empowered in your Ssh-oes and not the other way around.

Ssh-oes uses a unique combination of materials to ensure Ssh-oes are supremely comfortable without sacrificing style. Ssh-oes uses a patent pending Noise Reducing Heel Tip that drasticialy minimizes the noise made when wearing the Ssh-oes. It’s rubber based material composition prevents against wear and tear so your Ssh-oes will last longer. Ssh-oes are distinctively lined with Lycra. Lycra is very flexible and moldable so the Ssh-oes will mold to your feet and feel like a sock. The flexibility and customized fit prevents against blisters, bunions, and other painful ailments.

Over 100 steps are taken to construct a pair of Ssh-oes. Each step is done by hand. From choosing the supplest leathers, cutting the leathers, meticulous sewing the pieces together, and the packaging- each step is touched by hand. The handwork allows for unparalleled softness and attention to detail.

Every style is fit tested on multiple real sized women. Most shoe designers are male who will never spend a day in their own creations. However, Ssh-oes are made by an all female design team. If we cannot spend the whole day wearing Ssh-oes, we will not produce it. We design with own busy life in mind and ensure every Ssh-oe can take you from the office to day care to dinner painlessly and gracefully.

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